The Mystery Solved: What is the Paper in a Hershey Kiss Called?

If you’re a fan of Hershey’s Kisses, you may have noticed that these small, iconic chocolate treats have a small piece of paper sticking out of the top. While many people assume that this paper is simply packaging or decoration, it has actually been given a specific purpose by the Hershey Company.

So what is the paper in a Hershey Kiss called, and what is its purpose? After some research, the mystery has finally been solved.

The paper in a Hershey Kiss is officially called a plume. This term comes from the French word for “feather,” which describes the shape of the paper when it is unfolded. The plume is made of a thin strip of aluminum foil coated with a layer of wax paper. This combination creates a moisture-resistant and food-safe material that can be easily twisted and wrapped around the top of the chocolate.

But why does Hershey’s use a plume instead of simply leaving the chocolate bare or using a different type of packaging? The answer lies in the history of the Hershey’s Kiss.

When Milton Hershey first created the Hershey’s Kiss in 1907, he wanted to make sure that each piece was easily identifiable as a Hershey product. To achieve this, he added a personalized touch in the form of a “flag” made of tissue paper. This flag was originally printed with the Hershey’s name, but it was later replaced with a silver foil wrapper.

While the silver wrapper looked sleek and professional, it presented a problem for Hershey’s marketing team. They wanted to promote their new product through print ads and commercials, but the Hershey’s Kiss was difficult to photograph or film with the shiny wrapper in place.

To solve this problem, Hershey’s added a small paper plume to the top of each Kiss. This plume had a dual purpose: it provided a stable surface for printing the Hershey’s logo or other advertising messages, and it also made the Kiss more visually appealing by giving it a finished, professional look.

Over the years, the plume has become an integral part of the Hershey’s Kiss brand. While the logo and packaging have changed over time, the plume has remained a distinctive feature that sets Hershey’s Kisses apart from other chocolates.

But the plume doesn’t just serve a marketing purpose. It also has practical benefits for consumers. By wrapping the chocolate in a moisture-resistant material, the plume helps to keep the chocolate fresh and flavorful for longer periods of time. And by creating a smooth surface on top of the chocolate, the plume makes it easier to unwrap and enjoy a Kiss without getting chocolate on your fingers.

So now you know: the paper in a Hershey Kiss is officially called a plume, and it serves both a marketing and practical purpose for the Hershey Company. Whether you’re a fan of chocolate or marketing history, this little piece of paper is an interesting reminder of the innovation and creativity that goes into even the smallest details of a beloved product.

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